Local Attractions

There's so much more to do than you think when visiting Dalecote House.

The War Memorial Park

Located a short stroll from Dalecote House is Coventry’s War Memorial Park. The Park, just under 49 hectares in size, was opened in 1921 as a tribute to the thousands of Coventrians who lost their lives fighting in the First World War.

Central Six Shopping Centre

An easy walk from Dalecote House, Central Six offers is a retail park that offers access to a range of popular high street stores, including Next, TK Maxx and Boots.

Coventry Cathedral

Coventry’s ‘new’ St Michael’s Cathedral sits in the heart of the city and is renowned for several of its features, including the Bapistry window and the Screen of Saints and Angels. Coventry Cathedral is one of 3 cathedrals in Coventry’s history. The other two being St Mary’s, a monastic building of which a few ruins remain, and St Michael’s, a 14th Century Gothic church, now a ruined shell, sitting alongside Coventry’s ‘new’ cathedral.

The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

Named after Sir Alfred Herbert, a Coventry industrialist and philanthropist, the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum is a museum, art gallery, records archive, learning centre and creative arts facility situation near to Coventry’s new cathedral.

Coventry Transport Museum

Formerly the Museum of British Road Transport, Coventry Transport Museum is a motor museum located in Coventry city centre. The museum is home to more than 240 cars and commercial vehicles, 100 motorcycles and 200 bicycles. Notable exhibits include Thurst2, ThrustSSC, and a DeLorean DMC-12.

St Mary’s Priory and Cathedral

St Mary’s Priory was founded in the 12th Century and destroyed during the Dissolution of the Monasteries. The site has undergone several archaeological excavations, including visits from Channel 4’s Time Team. Parts of the remains are now open to the public in the Priory Garden, which can be walked through or above, with an on-site visitors centre providing additional information.