The House's history

An imposing Victorian property with a rich tapestry that continues to grow.

Situated at the junction of Warwick, Leamington and Kenilworth Roads, Dalecote House was acquired in the mid 1920s by a wealthy local builder, William Henry Jones, and his wife Laura (known to friends and family as 'Lol'). Along with the house they also acquired a paddock and cottage in the grounds, situated at the corner of what is now Asthill Grove and Humphrey Burtons Road.

The cottage with its outdoor toilet was lit only by oil lamps; however, it did have a wind-up phone connecting it with the main house. It was home to the Housekeeper, Nel Keeping, her husband, Harry (the Chauffeur/Gardener) and their daughter Ann.

An Air Raid shelter built in the grounds proved a lifesaving asset when bombs dropped into the gardens during the Second World War. Sadly, the impact of the bombs blew out most of the stained glass windows in the main house.

William Henry Jones died in 1947 and Laura, his wife, invited the Keepings to move from the cottage to Dalecote. In 1959 Laura died and on the 3rd November 1959 the house and its contents were auctioned off.

Coventry Fellowship of Drapers Guild

The House was purchased by the Coventry Fellowship of Drapers Guild following the closure and sale of The Drapers Hall in the 1960s.

Due to the general decline of Guilds in the late ‘70s it was agreed to turn it into a Dining Club, hence The Drapers Club. Lunch was served at the Club daily, and it was also a popular watering hole in the evenings and a venue for special functions throughout the year.

Although the Drapers Club has now closed, Dalecote House is still used by the Guilds as a venue for meals and special functions throughout the year.

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